In psalm 1:2 , the Scriptures mention that the blessed man is the one who “delights in the law of the Lord”. The word delight and delicious come from the same root word.  I love Haagen Daas Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice cream- it’s DELICIOUS..The word of  God should be approached that way: it should be delicious spiritually, intellectually and emotionally… Why? Because it is the word of God, the one that is called “love”, the one who created the universe.  How great is that? It’s like a letter of instructions from the maker of the universe. Unfortunately, we often don’t see it as something that is delicious. Instead, we see it as a 3 year old sees an instruction to “do not touch the hot stove”. We feel that our freedom has been taken away, because we are not free to touch the stove. But that’s not the right way to look at Bible:  telling the 3 year old to not touch the stove is what’s best for that child. The same with the Scriptures: all that is in here is what’s best for us. We should be delighted, we should  believe that it’s delicious, instead of just restrictive.

The Word of the Lord is God- breathed (2 Tim 3.16) , and is useful for every day of our life. Many believe that the Bible is no longer relevant, that the Bible is an old-fashioned book that is no longer useful in this year 2014. But the Scriptures are from God and are eternal- they are timeless. But we need to delight in God’s word. We need to read it, study it, and meditate upon it.  By meditating, the scriptures merely mean to think about what you  read, what you heard. It’s like eating food: you can’t digest that apple. The apple is not useful to your body, until it is broken down. When you eat that apple, it goes to your stomach, where the digestion begins. Your body breaks down that apple into simple molecules (sugar) that your body can use for energy. This is the same with the word of God. We need to study (eat the word), but also it needs to be digested (meditating).

What a great privilege we have that the Word of God,  our communication from the maker of the universe. And we need to thank God for our eyes to be able to read this Bible, that it is readily available today, and we need to thank God for our literacy to be able to read and study it. How many of our ancestors would have loved to be able to hold the Word of God in their hand and to be able to read it? Something to think about! Luc


(This is my first Blog post based on our Sunday Morning Bible class on Psalms. I will attempt to have one new post about every week.

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