Caffeinating your heart and soul in the morning

Psalm 5:3 “O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice”

We know that God hears us 24 x 7, since He’s everywhere, all the time. But there is something special about that morning prayer, about that first prayer of the day. I’m afraid that in this 24 x 7 , very rushed world, we don’t take the time in the morning to pray and be with God. Communicating to God in prayer is very important, but this verse teaches us that the first prayer of the day is even more important.

I like to drink my coffee in the morning  to help me wake up. Do you also like some kind of caffeine to wake you up in the morning? There is not a better way to energize our heart and soul then to spend a few minutes with God before we start the hectic day. Many of us will check our email or Facebook first thing in the morning. Why not spend a few minutes, in quietness, without noise or television or phones to be with God in prayer? It sets the tone for the day. It helps you focus as to what is most important for the day- God

I also believe there are practical day to day advantages to that first morning prayer. By connecting with our God, the Maker of the universe, the one that is called love, it will help us have a better day.  It will help us remember what’s most important so that our busy day will not be as stressful because we will be reminded that God is love and He is in control. The day will still be full of stress and deadlines  and there still won’t be  enough minutes in the day, but praying  to God will help energize our heart and soul to make it through the day.

Most of us  in 2014 are time-poor: there is just not enough time to do everything. But waking up 5 minutes early to pray to God, will help your day go by smoother. It will help energize your soul and your heart.  Something to think about.  Luc


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