How to Safeguard Your Life During a Tornado

Psalm 7.1: “Lord my God, I take refuge in You”

I drove through Jackson, TN a few hours after the 1999 Tornado and it was an unbelievable sight: some buildings that were there before the storm were gone after the storm.  Tornadoes are powerful and deadly.

I now live in Mississippi and we have Tornado warnings from time to time.  Usually, a Tornado Warning means that a tornado has been spotted, so every person needs to get to the safest place in the house. We usually end up in our closet because that’s the safest place in our  house.   The safest place, though,  is a storm shelter. These storm shelters have been built in the ground  to protect you against any storms, any  tornado, any severe weather. Those that have a storm shelter, can go into the storm shelter during these storms and feel 100% safe: nothing to worry about

The psalmist, David (from David and Goliath, the shepherd boy who eventually became king) understands deeply that God and God alone is his shelter. David was being chased by king Saul who wanted to kill him. Even though he’s being chased by the king, David still understands that God is his storm shelter: the one place that is safe during the storm.

Where do you go to during times of tornadoes? A tornado can be a crisis or something very difficult that you have to go through. Eventually, every family and every person will go through some kind of crisis: loss  of job, financial problems, loss of health, loss of loved ones, etc. The question is:  where do you turn to during these storms of life?   Some will turn to their bank account thinking: “This will get me through the storms” but that is not a storm shelter. Some will turn to government : “Uncle Sam will take care of me”, but that is not a storm shelter.

Anyone that has lived through a tornado understands how deadly and how scary they are. Most of us will go through at least one personal tornado  every 10 years. Are you prepared?  When we get these Tornado warnings, there will be some kind of announcement on the radio or TV that says something like this: Attention! A tornado warning has been issued. Seek shelter now. Do not delay. Seek shelter now This is your tornado warning:  SEEK SHELTER NOW . GOD is the storm shelter that you need during your life storms. Something to think about. Luc


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