Are most people good?

Psalm 8.4 ‘What is man that you are mindful of him?’

That is a great question that’s been asked over and over since the creation of the world: “what is man?”  When we compare ourselves to God, we are small, insignificant, not important and that should give us a sense of humbleness. However, we and only humans were made in God’s image (Genesis 1.26-27). This is the answer to: what is man. Of all creation, only humans have  been made in God’s image.  Since God is love, we were made to love. Now when we look around, we may see a lot of evil  in the world, a lot of sin, a lot of people not doing what’s right. However, we need to realize that this is a choice that every person needs to make. We were created in His image, we were created to love as He loves, we were created to show His love to the world, but He also gave us free-choice and gives us the choice, every day, to either follow Him, love Him, serve Him, and glorify Him OR to sin.  This means that each one was created for good, each one was created with the potential of good but there are many who chose not to be good, not to be Godly. This means that if we are created in His image, we are born to be good and we are not born as sinners. Is it logical to look at a newborn baby, and think this baby sins? That’s not logical, because we are all made in His image, in His image of love. We are not born sinners, but sin when we are old enough to understand right and wrong and then we chose to not follow His will that is  described in the Bible.


Therefore, knowing this, remember that each person was created in God’s image of love, and every soul was created with the purpose of good. Unfortunately, many take their free choice to not love, and not be God-like, but that is their choice: every soul was created for good. This also explains why God sent Jesus to die for us: because we are  valuable enough for such a great sacrifice and we are valuable enough because we were made in His image. Something to think about. Luc

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