How to Depend on God

Psalm 9. 10 Those who know you name trust in You.

“Your name”  means God’s reputation, God’s character: to know who God is.  Those who know the Lord will trust in Him.  It’s just like regular relationships with others: you cannot trust someone until you know 2 things :  Need to know their words and their  actions.

How do we get to know God’s words?  The Bible is God’s words. In 2 Timothy 3. 16 the Bible says that every word is inspired (God- breathed). This is the first way to know God and that is to know His Bible.  We need to read the Bible and learn what is in it to learn more about God.

Second, we need to know about God’s actions and the best way to find that out is to know about Jesus. John 1 tells us that Jesus (Word) was with God, the Word is God and the Word became flesh.  Jesus is God (part of the Trinity) and Jesus came to show the action of God’s great love (agape love). He came here to die on the cruel cross for us. 

How do we trust in God? We need the  know the Bible, which is God’s Words, and we need to know His actions ( look at Jesus life, death, burial and resurrection). That will lead to trust in God, just like relationships we have with others: we don’t trust them until we know their words and until we know their actions. Something to think about. Luc


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