Receiving An Inheritance

Psalm 16.5 “The LORD is the portion of my inheritance..”

“Your long lost aunt passed away and you have an inheritance”. Don’t we all dream of such a scenario?
The Bible says in this verse that the Lord, Jesus, is my share of the inheritance. Through Jesus, because of His sacrifice on the cross, because of His death, burial and resurrection, we have, each and every one of us, an opportunity to go to heaven, if we become Christians as is described in the New Testament.
Why is that important? Once you become a Christian, and the Lord becomes your portion, you have a reservation in heaven.
Also, an inheritance is the perfect analogy for grace. Grace simply means something you get that you didn’t deserve. There are many good people on this earth, but no one is perfect (only one perfect walked this earth which is Jesus). Therefore, since no one is perfect, and all fall short (all sin, Romans 3.23), then heaven is something that you can obtain, but by no means do we deserve it since we all fall short.This is very similar to an inheritance. An inheritance is not something that you deserve and it’s not something that you earn, It is purely a gift, meaning you get something that you didn’t earn or really deserve: it’s simply a gift.
Same with our salvation: grace, meaning a pure gift, something that is not earned or deserved, is possible for each and every one of us, simply by obeying what the Bible tells us about becoming a Christian. And our portion of the inheritance will be Christ, which is the only access way to heaven. Something to think about. Luc

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