Do you love God?

Psalm 18. 1

I love you, o Lord, my strength.

What do you notice of a couple that is in love? They overflow with smiling, laughing, increase heartbeat, and generalized joy. Their eating may decrease because love preempts food, which reminds me of an expression we have in French when someone’s appetite has decreased:”Es-tu en amour?” “Are you in love?”

If romantic love dramatically affects us in these ways, shouldn’t we also be changed in the same way by the love we have for God?

Love is an emotion and the loving we have for God is a response to Him who loved us first. (1 john 4. 19 “we love because He first loved us”) or Romans 5. 8 “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Indeed love moves us emotionally but love also prompts us to do. Love is not only a verb but love is an active verb. The verb that God demonstrated His love to us is the verb “died”. For you and me, Jesus died on the cross that was engineered to cause the most painful and agonizing death. The crucifixion gives each one of us the opportunity to receive the gift of the precious life eternal. This torturing of the cross is Christ shouting from the top of His lungs: “I love you”.

When in love, our thoughts are focused on the object of our affection. God continually thinks of you. Should we not also think of Him? We think that we cannot spend more time thinking of Him because we are too time-poor. Would the couple in love accept lack of time as an excuse?

1 john 4.8 says that God is love. God is defined by one word: love. Mathematicians would write: God=love. Our creator, our eternal, our Lord, our maker is defined by one word:love. Something to think about. Luc

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