Our Words Are Like A Boomerang

Psalm 15.3 who does not slander with his tongue

The tongue of the Godly man does not destroy. To slander is to use your God-given tongue as an instrument of destruction by stabbing the reputation of another. Your words vandalize their good name. The hunter is very cautious when handling his gun because he understands its powerful danger. We also need to be cautious when handling our tongue because of its dangerous power. Let’s reflect on our words before circulating rumors or reputation-destroying gossip. Prov 18.21 “the tongue has the power of life and death”. Indeed!

We were created to love God and others, to serve Him and to glorify Him. As a mirror reflects light, we glorify God when we reflect to the world His awesome love. Isaiah 43.7 “whom I have created for My glory” Our purpose here on earth is to bounce God’s love to each person that we touch. Slandering others sabotages your efforts to glorify God. Your love-reflecting mirror is now less effective. Your tongue can glorify God, or not.

Slandering others not only affects your glorifying of God, it can also hurt you. Boomerangs are designed to return to the thrower. Slanders not only hurt the target of the boomeranged-slander but also hurts the slanderer. Both reputations will bleed. Don’t ruin your own reputation by gossiping, slandering others and using your powerful tongue to hurt others. Your whispers are not always quiet.

How can we stop destroying others reputation? First we need to stop comparing ourselves to others which often leads to jealousy, envy or a sense of superiority which leads to gossiping and slander. Instead, compare yourself to the Bible. Also, we need to retool our tongues as instruments to glorify God and encourage others. We need to be less silent and make an effort to encourage others. Why does encouraging others often makes us uncomfortable? My mother would always said: “Practice makes perfect”. Could it be that we are so uncomfortable because we are out of practice? God gave us our tongue to glorify Him and to encourage others. Reminds me of another saying that our mothers preached: “If you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing”. Something to think about. Luc

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