What Does the Bible Say about Time Management?

Sermon by Allen Drewery 3/3/19

Are You Humble?

Sermon by Allen Drewery

Acts 12

What Does the Bible Say About Relationships

Sermon by Allen Drewery   2/10/19

Are You Mature?

Sermon by Joe Ruiz

Wednesday PM Bible Study

Acts 11:8-12:4

Sunday AM Bible Class

I love You God But......

1/17/19 AM sermon by Allen Drewery

Exodus 1

Wednesday Bible Study

Genesis 50

Sermon by Allen Drewery


The Main Meaning of Missions

Guest preacher Johb Pigg

Bible class Genesis 49

Wednesday 1/16/19 

Teacher Allen Drewery 


Sunday PM service 1/13/19 

Sermon on Genesis 48


Sunday AM Bible study 1/13/19


Sunday 1/13/19 AM Sermon

Allen Drewery preaching

”Great Excuses”


Wednesday 1/9/19 Bible class


Jerry Bates sermon from 1/6/2019